“Coffee Art”: Artist creates impressive portraits using coffee

  • An artist creates artwork using coffee as his medium
  • Aside from creating portraits of popular personalities, Emmanuel Hernandez also touches pressing social issues
  • Among the works he made showcases the plight of medical frontliners, struggles of those in the media and entertainment industry and many more

An artist recreated portraits of popular people using coffee.

Image by EHernandez Coffee Paintings via Facebook

Emmanuel Hernandez’s unique artworks have earned the attention of many netizens online. Not only are they impressively done; the portraits were also made out of coffee.

Among the popular names Hernandez turned into portraits were Sen. Manny Pacquiao, Ely Buendia, Lea Salonga, and Dr. Jose Rizal.

Emmanuel also uses his art to share his sentiments on social issues. Using acrylic paint and coffee, he made another coffee art showing the hardships and sacrifices of medical frontliners. He called the work as, “Pasan Ko Ang Daigdig: Plight of the medical frontliners.”

He said he made the artwork to pay tribute and to honor the health workers working hard amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Emmanuel also dedicates it to his sister who is also a medical frontliner in the Middle East.

Another artwork he made using coffee is a portrait of the celebrity-philanthropist Angel Locsin. He called his work “Anghel sa Lupa.”

Emmanuel said he admires the actress for speaking up on social issues and for being passionate in helping Filipinos who are in need.

“She is just a great example of a true Filipino which I can be proud of,” Emmanuel said.

Image by EHernandez Coffee Paintings via Facebook

Another cause close to Emmanuel’s heart is the plight of the media and entertainment industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He made an artwork to show their struggles and named it, “Going Out Of Business.”

“I dedicate this artwork to everyone specially those who are in the Media & Entertainment Industry who have been struggling to make both ends meet. kaya natin ito! We’re in this together,” Emmanuel said.

Image by EHernandez Coffee Paintings via Facebook
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