“Bayawak” seen roaming in a subdivision in Davao City

  • A monitor lizard or “Bayawak” was spotted roaming around a subdivision in Davao City
  • Earlier, two ostriches were seen running inside a subdivision in Quezon City while a running pig was spotted on a bridge in Cebu
  • Netizen Maverick Dave Cantillo shared the video of the lizard on Facebook

A monitor lizard, locally known as “bayawak,” was seen crawling away at a private subdivision in Davao City.

Image Capture of video by Maverick Dave Cantillo Via Facebook

After two ostriches were spotted in a subdivision in Quezon City and a pig was seen running along a bridge in Cebu, looks like Davao City now has its own entry in the series of animals spotted in odd places. Residents of a subdivision in Davao City were surprised to see a “bayawak” or a monitor lizard casually roaming around their neighborhood.

In a Facebook post by netizen Maverick Dave Cantillo, he said he was on his way outside his subdivision in Barangay Ma-a when he saw the bayawak crawling on the road; seemingly looking for food. He said it was the first time they saw a monitor lizard around their subdivision.

The creature scampered away as soon as it heard a car passing by.

According to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Region XI (DENR Xi), the incident was not the first instance they heard about monitor lizards freely roaming around. DENR XI chief of regional public affairs office Jayvee Jude Agas said this could be because the area was quiet; pushing these creatures to come out to look for food.

Image by Wikipedia

Agas said in Visayan that, actually, it is not only monitor lizards that we can see around Davao City but almost all wildlife tends to go out in public sometimes. One of the possible reasons is when they need to look for food.