Andre Paras personally donates sacks of dog food for rescued furbabies

  • Andre Paras donated sacks of food for the rescued dogs
  • The PAWSsion Foundation thanked the celebrity for his generous donation
  • Photos showed how Andre carried the sacks as dogs happily accompanied him in the rescue center

Andre Paras decided to give some rescued dogs some love by visiting and donating food for them.

Image by PAWSsion Project via Facebook

On Facebook, PAWSsion Project shared how Andre took part in their cause by personally donating sacks of dog food for their rescued animals. In the photos, Andre can be seen wearing a face mask and carrying the sacks of dog food for their furbabies.

PAWSsion Foundation is a Bacolod-based rescue group mainly for dogs. They rescue, rehab and rehome dogs.

The foundation wrote on Facebook how grateful they are for the donation of Andre. They wrote, “Our rescues had a special visitor today and we cannot be more grateful to have people who have the heart, the time and the compassion put into action especially for our rescues!”

The foundation shared how even their rescued dogs were pleased to see their special visitor. “Andre Paras went to visit our rescues this morning, even on his own and he brought several sacks of dog food for our rescues. Our rescues Emma and Charlie did such a great job in ushering him at the shelter. Thank you Andre and we look forward to your next visit,” PAWSsion project added.

Image by PAWSsion Project via Facebook

They also hope that more kind-hearted people would continue to send help for their rescued dogs. PAWSsion Project said, “May we all continue to work together to be the voice of the voiceless. Don’t forget to sign the petition to strengthen animal welfare in the Philippines.”

Back in 2019, Korina Sanchez also took part in the foundation’s PAWSsion project by organizing adoptions for several rescued dogs. She also donated adoption kits which included food, vitamins, essentials and vaccines.

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