Andi Eigenmann shares how she prepared a “zero-waste” party for Lilo’s 1st birthday

  • Andi Eigenmann prepared a “zero-waste” birthday party for Lilo
  • They made use of tree branches, fresh and dried flowers
  • The celebrity mom said they aren’t perfect but they wanted to have as little waste as they could have during the party

Andi Eigenmann shared how she and her family prepared a “zero-waste” party for her daughter Lilo’s first birthday.

Image by Andi Eigenmann via Instagram

Usually, kiddie parties have so much trash. From the decorations to kiddie party bags, there’s so much garbage as soon as the party ends. Andi, who is an avid nature lover, taking care of our environment should always be a priority even if we have celebrations.

So for her daughter’s first birthday, she wanted to make sure they will only have zero to very minimal waste. On her latest vlog, the celebrity mom shared how she made it all happen.

She said they initially wanted to have a zero-waste party in Siargao but had to make changes because they are in Manila.

“So, our original plan is to create a zero-waste birthday party, with all the kids on the island, will not be pushing through,” Andi said.

“But, what we are still gonna be doing, even though it’s a small celebration, we still want to make sure that the party will have as little waste as possible,” she added.

In the video, the family had a healthy “smash cake” for Lilo. They also organized a stunning photoshoot at home. While the party was organized by popular florist Gideon Hermosa, they made use of tree branches and dried flowers as decorations.

Image by Andi Eigenmann via Instagram

“We aren’t perfect, but we do try our best and that’s also what we’d like to encourage you guys to do is to at least try, as well,” Andi said. “Little acts of kindness to our environment will go a long way,” she added.

You can watch the video via Andi Eigenmann’s YouTube Channel: