Andi Eigenmann defends partner from harsh comments about his skin color

  • Andi Eigenmann defended her partner Philmar Alipayo from harsh words he received for his dark skin color
  • She said it’s disappointing that Filipinos look down on others based on the color of their skin
  • Philmar also revealed dating a celebrity like Andi is difficult because he has received criticisms on how he looks

Andi Eigenmann defended her partner Philmar Alipayo from criticisms about his skin color and even him being from the province.

Image by Andi Eigenmann via Instagram

Since the actress has shied away from the limelight, she has lived a peaceful life in Siargao with her family. In her latest vlog, she opened up about their island life away from the city and even her relationship with her partner.

When asked if it’s difficult to date Andi since she’s a celebrity, Philmar revealed he has received harsh comments from people. He said, “mahirap, people will come to me na bashing me.”

Andi said it’s disappointing how Filipinos look down on others based on their skin colors. She said, “Parang bakit yung Pilipino sa tingin nila yung itsura ng Pilipino pangit, like my partner’s maitim, hello that’s so nice kaya.”

She also wants to get rid of the common mentality that those in the province are not as successful as those in the city.”

She continued that she didn’t expect people to say such strong words against Philmar, “just because of his skin color and also because he’s from the province.”

And also said she hopes Filipinos would get rid of such mentality.

Image by Andi Eigenmann via Instagram

“That if you’re from the province you are not successful, that (it) means you’re inferior to everyone else who is finding jobs in the city, because that’s not the meaning of success and also every person is different,” Andi said.

Andi even said when they first started dating, Philmar would tell her that people didn’t like them together because he was from the island.

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