Privileged? Alessandra de Rossi defends Assunta against critics on ‘swab testing her staff every three weeks’ tweet

  • Alessandra de Rossi defended her sister Assunta who swab tests her staff every three weeks
  • She said they do it because it’s their way of showing compassion to their employees
  • Netizen earlier called out Assunta for her “privilege” and said not everyone is as rich as she is to do it

Alessandra de Rossi came to the defense of her sister Assunta when she revealed that her drivers, helpers, and other employees undergo swab testing every month.

Image by Assunta de Rossi-Ledesma via Twitter

On Twitter, Alessandra engaged in conversations with several netizens who criticized Assunta for swab testing her staff every three weeks.

Assunta, the wife of former Negros Occidental congressman Jules Ledesma earlier reacted to Senator Cynthia Villar’s “pagbutihin” statement about medical frontliners. She tweeted how their household makes sure that everyone is protected.

Assunta tweeted, “We get swab-tested every 3 weeks. ALL, including the drivers, the helpers, the secretaries/PAs. We do not take chances. And that… is ‘pagbutihin.’ Tenx!”

Several netizens called out Assunta for her tweets; saying she is showing off her “privilege.” Another said it was easy for Assunta to say that because she is rich. A netizen said, “Your sister is very rich. What can I say?!”

Alessandra came to the defense and said money had nothing to do about it. She replied, “Walang kinalaman ang rich dito. For the medical frontliners man lang sana. Sa hospitals. Eh ang dinig ko nasayo na lahat ng symptoms, di ka pa tinetest. Hospitals are very rich. Say more.”

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She continued that they are only looking after their staff and that there should a be law that will make swab testing “fair” for all.

Alessandra added, “Dapat may batas/budget na para din sa kanila. Para fair. Mandatory ba? Or kanya kanya na lang ba ito? Yun lang naman. Don’t rich, rich. It’s malasakit. You get what you give.”

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