Zsa Zsa Padilla remembers Dolphy: “I miss him everyday”

  • Zsa Zsa Padilla shared how she continues to miss her longtime partner Dolphy Quizon
  • She asked her followers to share a prayer in his memory
  • The actress-singer is now happy to have another chance at love as she is set to marry her boyfriend architect Conrad Onglao

Zsa Zsa Padilla took to social media her longing for her late longtime partner Dolphy Quizon.

Image by Zsa Zsa Padilla via Instagram

Eight years after the passing of Dolphy, Zsa Zsa shared how she continued to remember the late Comedy King.

On Instagram, she posted a photo of her posing next to Dolphy’s final resting place and asked her followers to say a prayer for him.

“Today marks the 8th anniversary of Dolphy. Please say a little prayer for him,” she said.

She went on to encourage her followers to write short passages remembering Dolphy on her Instagram’s comment section. Zsa Zsa also said she knows Dolphy’s memory lives through the stories shared by others.

“I miss him everyday and I know that he is always with me in spirit. Please write a little something below to let me know how his life work has influenced you or your parents/grandparents. I’ll be so happy to know how he has put laughter in your hearts. That way, his memory lives on,” she added.

Dolphy and Zsa Zsa have one child, Zia, as well as an adopted daughter, Nicole Quizon.

Image by ABS-CBN

Zsa Zsa is now set to be married to her longtime boyfriend, architect Conrad Onglao.

In 2016, they called off their engagement, but had rekindled their romance months later. She once shared how difficult life was when Dolphy moved to the afterlife and how lucky she feels to be given another chance at love.

“Sobrang saya. Talagang napaka-blessed ko na dumating si Architect Conrad sa buhay ko kasi before that, mahirap talaga,” Zsa Zsa said.

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