Vlogger Mimiyuuuh buys home for his family at age 23: “Sobrang amazed ko po”

  • Mimiyuuuh fulfilled his dream of buying a new house for his family
  • The vlogger said he didn’t expect to achieve this dream at the age of 23
  • Meanwhile, Mimiyuuuh also shared a few of his learnings while he was stuck at home during the lockdown

Mimiyuuuh is beyond grateful that he has achieved one of his dreams for his family.

Image by Mimiyuuuh via Facebook

At the age of 23, the vlogger was able to buy a new home for his family. Mimiyuuuh said his achievement was all thanks to the success of his YouTube channel. He admitted he did not expect to be able to purchase a house at an early age.

“Hindi po talaga. Akala ko nga po mga nasa 30s pa ko makakabili ng bahay tapos ayun po, sobrang amazed ako na makakabili na po ako ng bahay for my family,” he shared with Push.

On his YouTube channel, Mimiyuuuh had earlier shared their fun “house hunting.” He said they are now ready to move into their new house and are just awaiting the turn over. In another vlog, he once shared that what he earned in a year in his previous job, he can achieve in a month’s time through vlogging.

Meanwhile, Mimiyuuuh admitted he had difficulty staying at home. “Buti nga po ngayon pwede na pong lumabas kahit papaano. Noong bawal pa po lumabas sabi nga ni Ate Kim Chiu, medyo nahirapan po ako mag-adjust,” he said.

Image by Mimiyuuuh via Facebook

Some of the realizations Mimiyuuuh learned during the quarantine was to live life to the fullest. He said had he known the COVID-19 pandemic would happen, he should have traveled more and hugged many of his friends while he could.

Mimiyuuuh said, “Sa pag-stay ko po sa bahay nang matagal, na-realize ko po na live life to the fullest kasi hindi n’yo na po talaga alam ang mangyayari sa susunod na araw. Dapat po pala, nag travel ako nang nag travel. Dapat pala niyakap ko at bineso ko nang bonggang-bongga yung mga tao!”

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