Vickie Rushton recalls touching moment with her ‘kuya’ who has Down Syndrome

  • Vickie Rushton shared a special story she had with her older brother Kian
  • She recalled how selfless and loving her Kuya is despite him having special needs
  • The beauty queen said she is so blessed and lucky to have a brother like him

Vickie Rushton shared a touching story she had with her kuya Kian who has Down Syndrome.

Image by Vickie Rushton via Instagram

On Instagram, the beauty queen opened up about the relationship she has with her older brother. She said thay while watching the popular K-drama “It’s Okay Not To Be Okay,” she remembered the moment when her kuya gave her a P100 bill when she was on the way to school one day.

Vickie wrote, “You have no idea how I felt that time. Nagjjoke lang ako pero without second thought binigyan mo ako ng 100 pesos at sabi mo bili ako ng fried chicken and rice. Niyakap kita ng mahigpit kasi ramdam na ramdam ko na may kuya ako. Ang saya saya ko no’n.”

Vickie said the incident warmed her heart that she decided not to spend the bill and just keep it as a remembrance. She went on to share how moments like those make her realize how special and lucky she is to have a brother like her Kuya Kian.

“You are three years older than me but more often than not, I play the role of the older sister and I am really grateful for the moments that make me feel that I have a kuya,” she said.

Image by Vickie Rushton via Instagram

Vickie said that oftentimes others think that people with special needs are a burden but they are actually a blessing to many.

“Sobrang mapagmahal ang puso nila, mahalin din po natin sila ng sobra. Ang sarap sa pakiramdam,” she said.

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