Toni to people in the government: “You may have the power now but it will not be forever”

  • Toni Gonzaga said she feels hurt hearing news of her fellow Kapamilyas losing their jobs
  • She called out the lawmakers involved in the shutdown of ABS-CBN that their power will not be forever
  • The actress later on clarified that she didn’t intend to blame the lawmakers but to remind everyone that there is God who is above all

Toni Gonzaga gave a strong statement on social media as she called out the lawmakers responsible for the non-renewal of ABS-CBN.

Image by Toni Gonzaga via Instagram

On Instagram, the actress said that while she respects the decision of the House of Representatives committee “with all humility,” it pains her to hear how many of her friends have lost their jobs. She also called out the people in the government; saying that they will not always be in power.

“Everyday ang sakit mag bukas ng Viber dahil nagpapaalam na lahat ng mga katrabaho namin sa min. Sa lahat ng nasa posisyon ngayon, hindi namin makakalimutan ang ginawa nyo sa mga trabahador ng ABS-CBN. You may have the power now but it will not be forever,” Toni wrote.

She went on to say that whoever the President is, no one is still above Jesus. Toni said, “I believe no matter who the president is, Jesus is still king and He is the name above all names.”

Toni continued by saying a prayer for all the workers and employees affected by ABS-CBN’s shutdown.

She said, “Lord yakapin mo po lahat ng mga kapamilya namin na nawalan, nasasaktan at nanghihina. We will continue to keep our faith in Christ that He will sustain us during these trying times.”

Image by ABS-CBN

She said they will continue to go on; knowing that all things will soon end. Toni said, “Just like the positions of the people in power today, what we are going through will not last forever.”

She later on clarified that her statement is not meant to put the blame on people in position but to remind them that “God reigns supreme.”

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