Thai transwoman billionaire defends Clint Bondad, says he has been living with her for months

  • Anna Jakrajutatip said Clint Bondad is “super happy but needs to be corrected on mannerisms”
  • She said Clint is surrounded with people who care for him as he lives with her in Thailand
  • Many netizens have expressed their concerns for Clint after he posted intriguing Instagram stories

Anna Jakrajutatip defended Clint Bondad against online controversies and said the model has been living with her in her home for nine months now.

Image by Anna Jakrajutatip Via Instagram stories

For days, Clint has been a trending topic as his series of Instagram stories has intrigued many netizens. After he mentioned his former girlfriend, Catriona Gray and even sent a message to Sam Milby, many netizens easily called him out for trying to ruin a relationship. Many also shared their concerns for his well being; advising him to talk to a friend or a doctor.

Anna, who calls Clint her “brother,” said the model is happy and has been living under her roof in Thailand.

Anna, the JKN Global Media CEO posted a series of photos on Instagram and Instagram stories of her and Clint together with her family.

She captioned, “Welcome back! My boy at Papa’s house,” “I love my brother Clint and my family supports him in every way but what is right must be right,” and “He can be cute! Trust me, he can be.”

Anne also posted a photo of him and Clint together while visiting a Buddhist temple in Thailand.

She wrote, “I need this moment in the temple with my brother bear, Mr. C. Cool down, everyone… everything will be good.”

Image by Anna Jakrajutatip Via Instagram stories

A netizen commented on one of her photos; telling Anna that she should have been there for Clint sooner.

The Thai billionaire replied, “He is with me in my house for 9 months now. I’m responsible for his actions. He’s my brother and I won’t tolerate this behavior.

She went on to say that Clint is “super happy but needs to be corrected on mannerisms.”

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