“Tao lang din kami”: Nikki Valdez appeals to netizens to be kind to celebrities online

  • Nikki Valdez said she has difficulty understanding how some netizens can be so rude and hurtful online
  • She said it’s better if we “think before we speak”
  • The actress explained that even though they are public figures, they are humans and get hurt too

Nikki Valdez asked netizens to be kind and “practice good conduct” when posting comments to celebrities online.

Image by Nikki Valdez via Instagram

The Kapamilya actress, via an Instagram post, shared her frustration over the spread of hurtful online criticisms towards celebrities, especially to talents of ABS-CBN. She said that while they may be considered public figures, they are humans and have feelings too.

She wrote, “We may be ‘artistas’ or public figures whose lives are exposed to the public but you have to remember, tao lang din kami. So pag may sinabi kayong hindi maganda, do you expect us to just let it go? Pag sumosobra na kayo, hindi naman ata pwede ‘yun.”

Nikki said she has trouble understanding how some netizens can be so negative and hurtful towards other people. She said we should learn to think before we speak.

“Being opinionated and tactless or inconsiderate are all different from each other. Trolling is a totally different thing too! Minsan nga kaya pang tanggapin pag troll pero yung hindi, di ko talaga maintindihan how there can be so much evil in a person. Pwede naman kasi magcomment nang hindi nambabastos. I believe we were all taught to think before we speak. Sana pwede pa natin ipractice ‘yun,” she said.

Image by Nikki Valdez via Instagram

Nikki said that instead of hurling judgments and bad words, we must learn to empathize with other people’s situation. She said, “Subukan natin ilagay ang mga sarili natin sa sitwasyon ng iba bago tayo magsalita for we will never understand what others are going through until we are in the same situation as they are.”

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