“Take a good look at yourself”: Aiko Melendez tells Buknoy Glamurrr to respect tricycle drivers

  • Aiko Melendez wrote a lengthy post calling out Buknoy Glamurrr for his comments against tricycle drivers
  • The actress said the vlogger has no right to put down others, especially those who are working hard in their “dignified jobs”
  • Buknoy Glamurrr had earlier earned the ire of many for saying we should work harder in life so that we will not become like tricycle drivers

Aiko Melendez called out vlogger Buknoy Glamurrr following his comments against tricycle drivers.

Image by Aiko Melendez via Instagram

The seasoned actress couldn’t help but lecture Buknoy about the importance of tricycle drivers and to give them the respect they deserve.

Buknoy had earlier earned the ire of many netizens for saying that we should work harder in life to achieve our dreams, unlike the tricycle driver, who passed by in front of him.

On Instagram, Aiko wrote a lengthy post addressed to the vlogger. She wrote, “Before you made a mark you started as a nobody. And there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes low profile life is more peaceful. But then, you got lucky and had your break and became an “influencer” (whatever that means).”

Aiko went on to stress the importance of having a dignified job and how Buknoy shouldn’t look down on others, especially tricycle drivers. She continued how Buknoy needs to take a good look at himself before putting others down.

Image Capture of Video by Buknoy Glamurr via Youtube

“Next time you look down on people, take a good look at yourself and truly see what you really are and where your dignity lies. You just lost my vote. And I know a lot will follow. As the saying goes, ‘be good to people on your way up, because they’re the same people you will see on your way down.’ Tsk! Influencer daw,” she added.

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