Steve Dailisan loses job as pilot after Cebu Pacific lays off employees

  • Steve Dailisan was one of the employees retrenched by Cebu Pacific
  • He shared how his dream of being a pilot was shortlived as he only lasted for 10 months
  • The former reporter-turned-pilot said he will always be thankful to the airline company who made his pilot dream come true

Steve Dailisan bids goodbye to his job as a pilot as the airline he works for have started its retrenchment program.

Image by Steve Dailisan via Instagram

The former reporter-turned-pilot wrote an emotional post thanking Cebu Pacific for making his dream come true. Unfortunately, Steve was one of the employees who had to be laid off due to the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. He said his dream of being a pilot for Cebu Pacific was short lived since it lasted only for 10 months.

On Instagram, Steve wrote, “When the pandemic took a big blow in our lives I never thought that it would hit me hard. As a news person, I thought I’ve witnessed too many bad times. In January of this year, I was released as First Officer after some grueling months of training. Only to realize it would be the shortest stint in my entire professional career. In a matter of 10 months, I lost it.”

Despite the unfortunate turn of events, Steve said he will always be thankful to the airline company.

“It’s a shortlived moment but I will always treasure the opportunity given by Cebu Pacific. I will be forever grateful to everyJUAN I’ve flown with. Ultimately, it’s a humbling experience,” Steve continued.

Image by Steve Dailisan via Facebook

He said that despite the difficult times, he believes that a “bright new day” will soon come. Steve promised he will continue pursuing his pilot dreams.

“This definitely will not be the end, rather the beginning of bigger dreams. I am certain, we will continue our quest to reaching the skies to be with our stars! For now, I only have to say, FLY WITH YOU SOON,” he ended.

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