Pinay vlogger apologizes after being apprehended in Hawaii for violating quarantine rules

  • A Filipina vlogger was apprehended in Hawaii after for violating the 14-day mandatory self-quarantine for foreign tourists and returning residents
  • The authorities found videos of Mika Salamanca dancing inside stores and dining with friends just four days since she arrived in Hawaii
  • Mika apologized for her actions and said she takes the risk of COVID-19 seriously

Mika Salamanca has apologized for violating Hawaii’s 14-day mandatory self-quarantine for foreign tourists and returning residents.

Image Capture of video by Mika Salamanca via Youtube

The Filipina YouTuber issued her apology after she was apprehended by the Hawaii Tourism Authority after she was seen out in public just four days after she arrived in Hawaii.

According to the officials, they obtained videos of Mika “dancing in a store and dining out with companions.” Mika was released from jail after her relatives posted $2,000 (Php 98,669) bail.

After she was called out by netizens, Mika posted an apology video on her YouTube channel. She admitted her fault and apologized.

“Gusto ko pong mag-sorry sa lahat ng misunderstanding and sa lahat ng maling nakikita niyo po sa internet. Inaamin ko po na nagkamali po ako nung time na dumating po ako dito sa Hawaii and agad po kaming lumabas,” she said.

Mika added, “Naiintindihan ko po yung frustration ng mga tao, alam ko naman po na serious matter ang Covid.”

She had earlier claimed that some law enforcers came to her house and told her that she wasn’t in trouble, and that if she tested negative for COVID-19, she would be allowed to go out.

Image Capture of video by KITV4

However, Special Agents from the Investigations Attorney General Clare E. Connors, refuted her statement. They issued a statement via the Hawaiian news channel KITV4 Island News; saying, “None of my investigators would convey that information, as it is incorrect. The fact that Ms. Salamanca has so many followers makes her actions that much more dangerous and concerning. The spread of misinformation can have very severe consequences during an emergency situation like we are in now.”