Liza Soberano asks lawmakers on ABS-CBN franchise renewal: “Open your hearts”

  • Liza Soberano asked the lawmakers handling the debates on ABS-CBN franchise renewal to “open your hearts and hear our voices”
  • She also asked prayers from her supporters for the employees affected by the closure
  • The actress recalled how she grew up watching ABS-CBN shows and how it instilled values in her

Liza Soberano couldn’t help but send an appeal to the lawmakers debating over the ABS-CBN franchise renewal.

Image by Liza Soberano via Instagram

On Twitter, the Kapamilya actress shared how she feels emotional after receiving an announcement from their big bosses. While she didn’t divulge details of the message, Liza couldn’t contain her tears about it. She recalled how she grew up watching ABS-CBN shows.

Liza tweeted, “I received what was probably one of the most heartbreaking text messages from one of our leaders in ABS-CBN. The little fan girl in me is probably crying so hard right now. I grew up watching the kapamilya channel and almost all of their telseryes.”

She went on to express her gratitude over her home network. Liza said, “I will forever be grateful towards this company, who has instilled values in me through their programs and gave me the opportunity to inspire those who watch and support my projects.”

In the end, Liza appealed to the public and her supporters to pray for her home network and its workers who are affected with its closure.

“To all of my loving supporters, if it’s not too much to ask, and if ABS-CBN has ever positively impacted you in one way or another, I humbly ask that you please pray for the company and all of its employees,” she said.

Image by Liza Soberano via Instagram

Liza also sought the empathy of lawmakers and to listen to their voices.

She said, “To the congressmen and women who are tasked to decide upon our franchise renewal, please, open up your hearts and hear our voices. ABS-CBN has always and will always be in service of the Filipino people. #kapamilyaforever #IbalikAngABSCBN.”

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