“I’m done”: Sharon Cuneta says she will distance herself from politics

  • Sharon Cuneta said she is now “done” with politics
  • The Megastar disclosed that politics had made her lose friends and complicated her simple life
  • She said she would rather enjoy her showbiz life as an actress

Sharon Cuneta said she is shying away from any opinions related to politics.

Image by Sharon Cuneta via Instagram

The Megastar, who has been through several controversial issues involving her daughter Frankie Pangilinan and more recently, her husband, senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, said she has had enough of politics.

On Instagram, Sharon said she wondered how she got “involved” in politics. She said, “My gosh. I am a movie actress, a singer, recording artist, concert performer, a TV host. I’ve always hated politics. But I was born into a political family and ended up meeting a former city councilor, married him. Now, he is now on his third term as a senator of the republic. How did I end up in this world?”

The actress continued that she only wanted a simple life. She said, “I am from showbiz. My work, not my life. My life is simple. Comfortable, yes. Very blessed, yes. But very simple.”

Sharon said she is now done with politics and would want to focus on being an actress instead. She wrote, “Politics had made me lose friends and gain enemies. I’ve made my stand. I’ve said my piece to protect my loved ones.”

Image by Sharon Cuneta via Facebook

“That’s it. I’m so done. For now at least. I just want to be my artista singer-host self again. I will distance myself from political issues first, because well, it’s just not my world,” she continued.

Sharon explained that if she had any interest in politics, she would have run for public office years ago following her father.

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