“Hope amid Chaos”: Bea Alonzo turns over donations to a children’s village

  • Bea Alonzo made donations to SOS Children’s Village in Alabang
  • According to her, the visit was special because she felt the happiness and hope among the children
  • The actress said she was also impressed at how organized the children’s village was

Bea Alonzo made many children smile as she turned over her donations to a children’s village.

Image by Bea Alonzo via Instagram

On Instagram, the actress continued to share photos of her non-profit organization I Am Hope’s missions. The latest one is when they made a donation to the SOS Children’s Village in Alabang. According to Bea, this mission was special because she could sense the happiness among the children. She also went on to share that the SOS Children’s Village has been helping children for over 70 years.

Bea said she felt impressed at how the orphanage was organized and well-managed. She said, “In the Philippines, they have seven other villages spread around the country, aside from the one we visited in Alabang this afternoon, and we were so impressed to see how organized and how well-managed their programs are.”

The actress continued that what makes SOS Village special is the sense of family among the children and the staff. She said like a family, the children have a “nanay” they can look up as their mother figure.

Image by Bea Alonzo via Instagram

Bea stated, “You see, theirs is a different kind of an orphanage; they create a sense of family inside the village wherein they place the kids (and most of the time, the siblings are placed in the same house) with a NANAY. They grow up in this household until they are adults and can take care of themselves.”

In the end, Bea said she saw hope in the smiles of the children. She said, “Seeing them smile back at me, even with masks on, is a reflection of how we can still have HOPE amid chaos.”

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