Heart Evangelista reunites with stray dog she rescued in Bicol

  • Heart Evangelista reunited with the stray puppy she once rescued in Bicol
  • The pup named Daba is now a full grown dog seven months after Evangelista found her
  • The actress said Daba will soon be set for adoption in Manila

Heart Evangelista is all smiles when she was able to reunite with a stray dog she rescued when she was in Bicol last December.

Image by Heart Evangelista via Instagram

On Instagram, Evangelista shared photos of her and Daba the dog. She posted two photos of Daba, back when she was a small pup and a recent one with her now all a grown up dog. Evangelista said the photos were taken a little over seven months apart.

Evangelista wrote, “Remember Daba from before? This is her now! I’m bringing her back with me to Manila so she can go to doggy school and be ready for adoption!”

According to Evangelista, she will be flying Daba from Sorsogon to Manila. The lucky dog will be staying at a dog school before putting her up for adoption.

Back in December, Evangelista found the poor puppy in the streets of Bicol when she was on the way to an event. She named the puppy Daba.

A known advocate of animal welfare and an active spokesperson for the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), Evangelista has her own rescue aspin named Panda. She had earlier shared her love for aspins and said they hold a “special place in my heart.”

Image by Heart Evangelista via Instagram

She helped launched “Have a Heart for Aspins” campaign and explained, “This is a call for people to recognize Aspins as beautiful, loving and loyal dogs so they should be given the same care, love and respect as pure breeds.”

Heart Evangelista nagpaalala sa mga owners na pabaya sa kanilang alagang aso

Last February, Evangelista joined PAWS in a rescue program to provide food and water to animals affected by the Taal Volcano erupti0n.

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