Heart Evangelista proudly shows products made from Sorsogon’s Pili nuts

  • Heart Evangelista showed the many things that can be made from pili nuts
  • She said Sorsogon’s gem, pili nuts, can be made into curtains, handbags and other home decors
  • The actress also excitedly shared that these items will be available soon for her followers

Heart Evangelista showed off all the “pretty things” we could do from Sorsogon’s gem, Pili nuts.

Image by Heart Evangelista via Facebook

As the actress continues to promote the beauty of Sorsogon, she decided to feature the products made from pili nuts. These nuts are not just perfect for snacking but as home decor items and even as fashion accessories.

On her social media accounts, Evangelista showed that she is now learning to make use of pili nuts and transforming them into various items such as place mats, a handbag, curtain drapes, and other home accessories. She said, “Pili is the gem of Sorsogon. You can do so much with it!”

In another post, Evangelista posted a photo of her curtain made from pili nuts. She wrote, “So happy with how my little project turned out. And of course, I made sure to utilize Sorsogon’s treasures so our pili curtains are just cherry-on-top! #MahalKongSorsogon.”

She even shared how excited she is to make the pili nuts products available for everyone.

Evangelista wrote, “My beautiful and hardworking friend showing me how they were able to upcycle the pili nuts and turn them into something useful. Home and decor products for #LoveMarieXSorsogon will soon be available. Can’t wait to share their talent with you!”

Image by Heart Evangelista via Facebook

Followers of Evangelista also shared how impressed they were with her eagerness to promote her husband Governor Chiz Escudero’s province.

A netizen said, “Wow tatak local, gawang Pinoy. Thanks Miss Heart for patronizing Sorsogon handmade products.”

A netizen, probably a native of Bicol, also praised pili nuts’ sturdy quality as she said, “I really like pili nuts and pili shell so hard and strong. Quality bags talaga. I miss Matnog, Sorsogon Bicol.”

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