“Grow-cery!” Team Kramer picks up own supply of vegetables from their garden

  • Team Kramer showed off their harvest of vegetables and fruits from their vegepods and nearby fruit trees
  • Chesca Kramer said her children were delighted with their harvest
  • She also felt happy and blessed that she was able to grow and plant her own vegetables

Team Kramer showed off the fresh supply of vegetables from their own urban garden.

Image by Team Kramer via Facebook

Doug and Chesca Kramer took their kids Kendra, Gavin and Scarlet to their own “grow-cery” to pick up fresh vegetables. Chesca shared how she personally planted the seeds of their vegepod. She said that aside from the peace of taking care of the plants, she feels rewarded with God’s blessings seeing them grow.

Chesca wrote, “Started the morning with some fresh harvest. Happy to see that the seeds that I planted last Sunday are growing fast on my Vegepod. Amazing how spending time tilling the ground, planting, and watering them has brought so much happiness and peace from within.

“But best of all, what an honor to see God’s miracle in every waking day and experience it first hand-as he graciously allows every flower and plant to bloom and grow,” she added.

And when it was finally harvest time, Chesca went on a hike to enjoy the fruits of her labor. Aside from the vegetables she planted, she also harvested a few other fruits.

Image by Team Kramer via Facebook

She wrote, “I had a little adventure today after harvesting a few vegetables from our grow-cery! I decided to go on a hike with our maintenance guys and we were able to get these fruits: Santol, Chesa, and Jackfruit! Plus some Cassava planted by our uber talented maintenance guy, Mang Erning!”

The celebrity mom’s harvest was of course welcomed by her kids who were delighted to the fruits. Chesca felt lucky that their house has nearby fruit trees.

“Kids were so delighted to see what I brought home and even happy to know that we are surrounded by all these fruit bearing trees which is just a stone throw away from our house,” she said.

Want to take a look at their garden via a video?