Gary Valenciano’s wife Angeli shares how ABS-CBN helped her husband for 17 years

  • Angeli Pangilinan defended ABS-CBN and its executives following the congressional hearing of their franchise renewal
  • She described how ABS-CBN helped their family, especially when Gary had to undergo a heart bypass operation
  • Gary V’s wife said all companies have its own fair share of mistakes but employees should be spared

Gary Valenciano’s wife Angeli Pangilinan expressed her gratitude and support to ABS-CBN which had been her husband’s home network for the past 17 years.

Image by Gary Valenciano via Instagram

Following the congressional hearing on ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal, Angeli called out the behavior of some lawmakers. She tweeted how some members of the House of Representatives “shamed” the big bosses of the media network.

She wrote: “Do our government officials have the right to shame bosses of a company that has won hundreds of awards including Best Employer in ASIA?”

Angeli said the network supported their family during their difficulties including when Gary had to undergo a heart bypass.

She said, “My own husband has been a contractor for 17 years & when he had a bypass they were there also helping us financially even if Gary was not an employee.”

Gary’s wife went on to reply to several more tweets from netizens who reminded her to pray and leave the issue to the lawmakers and to God.

Angeli replied to a netizen who told her to pray about it and said, “Thank u for your message. While we understand this, what I don’t understand is the sincerity of the exercise. During a pandemic, watching how these congressmen grilled Sir Gabby, Sir Carlo & Tita Cory as everyone calls her, it’s like shouldn’t we be attending to the Covid crisis?”

Image by Gary Valenciano via Instagram

In another tweet, Angeli defended ABS-CBN against those who pointed out the alleged violations of the network. She explained that all companies have their own share of mistakes but should not mean the employees should suffer from any of the mistakes of the company.

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