Finally! Brother shows off cross stitch of periodic table completed after 20 years

  • A Lasallian brother completed his cross-stitch of a periodic table after 20 years
  • Bro. Martin Sellner was ecstatic when he finally showed off his achievement
  • Many netizens were impressed with his hard work and determination too

Finally! A Lasallian brother has completed his cross-stitch of a huge periodic table after two decades.

Image by Bro. Martin Sellner via Facebook

Bro. Martin Sellner, a former Chemistry teacher in the United States and in La Salle campuses in the Philippines, shared his accomplishment on Facebook.

His cross-stitch of a periodic table that had the measurement of 58.x 54 inches took over 20 years to complete.

Bro. Martin wrote, “Finally after two decades, the cross-stitch of the Periodic Table is complete. Posted is a short video of the final five stitches (out of over one million), as well as a few photos. The table and border actually took six years. Finally the last nine elements were named by the IUPAC and I was able to complete it during this prolonged lockdown.”

The persevering brother who has a passion for embroidery shared how ecstatic he was when he finally finished his work.

“I could have jumped for joy. Just proud to have finished it. And proud that it looks so good. What is happening now is so unreal. Never ever thought this would happen. Now the joy is just overwhelming,” he said.

Bro. Martin also posted how he has also been teaching other Lasallian brothers to cross-stitch too. Netizens were impressed with his work too. Many couldn’t believe how Bro. Martin painstakingly completed such a meticulous embroidery.

Image by Bro. Martin Sellner via Facebook

A netizen said, “Congratulations! As a chemist and needleworker, I appreciate your accomplishment.”

Another also said, “Absolutely fantastic! Great dedication and devotion to your craft.”

A netizen commented, “Worth the wait! Ang galing ni father. Ang tiyaga. Ako nga nanlalabo na yung mga mata ko kaya tinigil ko na mag-crosstich.”

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