Edu Manzano leads donation drive to provide computers to less fortunate children

  • Edu Manzano and his friends conducted a donation drive to help procure computer sets for impoverished children
  • He shared a photo of their first batch of donation of 10 computers
  • The actor said they will be donating the computers to schools and organizations so that more children can benefit from them

Edu Manzano led a computer donation drive for schools and other organizations.

Image by Edu Manzano via Instagram

As the country shifts to online learning due to COVID-19 pandemic, many learners and parents have felt the financial burden of purchasing computers or gadgets for their classes. Edu is joining the list of celebrities who have stepped up to help impoverished students to acquire computers for online classes.

Edu and his friends set up a donation drive to help schools and organizations have access to computers for their students who cannot afford it. On Instagram, the actor shared a photo of their first batch of donation of computers.

He happily shared, “First batch of 10 computers for the less-fortunate children of Tahanan ng Panginoon. With online/e-learning inevitable children need computers to continue their education and be able to contribute positively to society. Thanks to those who have shared their blessings. More to follow. #goodvibeslang @nolialleje @elsubastahero @jtr FYI, the computer sets will go to schools and different organizations para mas marami ang makikinabang.”

Image by Edu Manzano via Instagram

Meanwhile, last June 21 on Father’s Day, Edu premiered his “Good Vibes with Edu” via Zoom.

For his pilot episode he was joined by his three children Luis, Addie and Enzo in an engaging interview. Edu’s digital talk show aims to provide “good vibes” to the people.

Edu promised to bring a “light and positive” energy to his viewers.

He said, “Nothing negative and nothing heavy for this show. I don’t care who is the most controversial person of the hour. The intention here is not to squeeze them. Even the President, I am going to make it good vibes, if I get to interview him.”