Catriona Gray shares advice to those struggling with feelings of hopelessness

  • Catriona Gray reminded everyone to remain positive amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic
  • She shared that doing charity works helped her become inspired instead of feeling hopeless
  • The beauty queen also advised everyone to remain focused on positive stories than negative and depressing news

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray has shared pieces of advice to those people who are struggling with feelings of hopelessness.

Image by Catriona Gray via Facebook

For those who continue to be stuck at home, lost their livelihood or battling feelings of depression, Catriona shared a few tips on how to stay positive amid these trying times. Her first tip is to try and reach out to those in need. She said doing good deeds have helped her cope with the negative news she hears everyday.

Catriona said, “It is really difficult especially at this time. Like a lot of people, I try to stay informed and watch the news to know what’s going on. But a lot of times it can be very heavy — it can be very discouraging. I sometimes feel very hopeless. But something that’s been helping me is helping in small ways that I can. So I’ve been doing charity drives, fundraisers. And I find that not only helps me deal with the current situation — it helps me take away my hopelessness.”

Image by Catriona Gray via Facebook

She continued that hearing stories of inspiring people also helped her have hope and be inspired to keep on doing good things for others.

The beauty queen also reminded everyone we all have the choice to stay away from negativity.

She said, “I feel like just setting your eyes in the right things, you can have the choice to focus on the negative or you can have the choice to focus on the positive and be hopeful. And so I’d just be focusing on the latter. And it’s been helping me a lot And that’s how I’m able to stay inspired and to stay in high spirits.”

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