Cafe in Laguna uses reusable, handwoven boxes for their pizzas

  • A cafe in Pila, Laguna used reusable, handwoven pizza boxes
  • Many netizens were impressed with the unique idea and hoped many establishments would also make an effort to reduce their wastes
  • The handwoven boxes were made a community of weavers in Laguna

A pizzeria in Pila, Laguna has impressed many netizens with their reusable, handwoven pizza boxes.

Image by the BrickOven Pizza via Facebook

In these times when waste pollution continues to be a pressing issue all over the world, many are now moving to find ways to help reduce and reuse our garbage. The BrickOven Cafe in Laguna showed an ingenious and creative way to help reduce the waste of their pizza boxes by using a reusable one.

What’s even more impressive is that they even went the extra mile to choose an eco-friendly box that also helps provide livelihood to a community. The unique handwoven pizza boxes were made by a community of weavers from the mountains of Laguna.

While usual paper boxes are also available, the Brick Oven Café offers a special discount if you purchase pizza using the handwoven box.

The handwoven boxes quickly got the attention and praise of netizens and other environmentalists.

The Oceana Philippines, an environmental and conservation organization shared their hope that many businesses would follow suit and exert effort in finding ways to reduce their trash.

Image by the BrickOven Pizza via Facebook

They wrote, “The BrickOven Cafè in Laguna uses locally handwoven boxes to package their pizza! From the box to to the string that ties it, everything is biodegradable and plastic-free. We hope other establishments would also go #DiNaSingle by ditching single-use plastics for their packaging! #PlasticFreeJuly.”

A netizen also commented, “First ever! Good job! If only more establishments would be encouraged to do the same.”

Another said, “Great effort! Sana hindi masyado mahal ang production para masustain nila ito.”