“Ayoko maging Barbie”: Winwyn Marquez proud of her muscles and toned body

  • Winwyn Marquez said she prefers her muscled and toned body instead of the expected slimmer “Barbie” physique
  • The actress-beauty queen has received comments on how she has gained weight and how her muscles doesn’t suit her as a beauty queen
  • Aside from lifting weights, Winwyn also does crossfit trainings

Actress-beauty queen Winwyn Marquez said she doesn’t mind the comments saying she should follow the “Barbie” figure.

Image by Winwyn Marquez via Instagram

Winwyn proudly showed off her muscles and said she prefers to be looked at as the strong Wonder Woman than the slim Barbie. She said she just laughed off comments about her gaining muscles and was even described as “amazona.”

She shared with Pep, “Natatawa na nga ako minsan sa mga reply ko. Ang comment sa akin, ‘Dapat Barbie ka lang, mukha ka nang amazona!’ Ang sagot ko, ‘E, ayoko maging Barbie, gusto ko maging Wonder Woman.'”

Winwyn explained that there are really people who expect her to have a “Barbie” physique because she is a beauty queen. She, however, defended herself; saying she is already way past that stage.

She said, “Iniisip nila kailangan beauty queen body, which is nako-compare iyong body ko when I was 22, 24, sa katawan ko ngayon, which is hindi na siya ganun kapayat. Hindi na siya ganun kanipis.”

“Ang sad lang na pinipilit nila na dapat ganun ang itsura mo forever. Iyon lang iyong sad,” she added.

Image by Winwyn Marquez via Instagram

Aside from lifting weights, Winwyn also does crossfit training. She said she wants to go back to becoming an athlete. “So nagkaroon ng muscles, medyo lumapad ako, medyo nag-gain siguro nang konti,” she said.

Last April, Winwyn replied to a netizen who commented how she gained weight. She responded saying, “Well, I like my muscles and if mataba ‘yan for you… I-search mo ‘yung words na ‘fit’ and ‘healthy’ sa Google.”

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Pep, Instagram