Actress Maxene Magalona shares what she learned from father Francis M

  • Maxene Magalona shared the most important lesson she learned from her late father Francis M
  • She said her father taught her to treat everyone as equal
  • She also asked others to do the same, to help each other, love each other and be united

Actress Maxene Magalona took to social media to share some inspiring words from Francis Magalona.

Image via Maxene Magalona | Instagram

In an Instagram video she uploaded last July 8, Maxene recalled the most important advice she has ever received from her late father.

“One of the most important lessons that my father shared with me is to treat everyone equally,” she said.

Maxene remembered and echoed what her father told her about his job as a celebrity.

“Our job is a just a job. Just because we appear on television, it doesn’t mean that we are better or more important than others,” master rapper Francis M told his daughter.

According to Maxene, it was her dad who inspired her to see the world and other people as equal. She also said it was the most important lesson in life that she carries up to this day.

“It was my dad who taught me that we are all equal. We are all equal and we are all the same. We are all together in this world,” she said.

“And just by seeing how he treated the people around him fairly and equally, I learned how to see others equally as well. Until now, especially with what’s happening in the world today, it’s so important for us to see our fellow human beings equally,” Maxene continued.

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The actress asked others to do the same, to help each other and be united, to achieve a better world.

“Let’s look them in the eye so that they know that they are not alone because we are all together in this world. We should all help each other, love each other and be united,” she concluded.

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