“Wala tayong trabaho lahat”: Annabelle Rama thankful to Ruffa’s generosity

  • Annabelle Rama shared how her daughter Ruffa gave her a cheque despite them having a misunderstanding
  • She said Ruffa doesn’t “touch” her savings even for her daughters but decided to do it to help her
  • According to Annabelle, Ruffa got her kindness from her father

Annabelle Rama shared how her daughter Ruffa Gutierrez didn’t hesitate to share her blessings as the family faced the effects of COVID-19.

Image by Ruffa Gutierez via Instagram

Just like any of us, Anabelle shared that their family has been affected with the financial burden of COVID-19. But despite it all, she feels grateful that her unica hija “touched” her savings to give it to her.

On Twitter, Annabelle shared how surprised she was to receive a cheque from Ruffa even though they were actually not in good terms at that time.

She tweeted, “I was so shocked the night before I left. Dumating iyong PA mo. 9pm may dalang check from you. Super shocked dahil mag kaaway tayo that time. We did not talk. I understand wala tayong trabaho lahat. Lumabas pa rin ang pera. You touched your savings for me.”

Annabelle said that Ruffa doesn’t even touch the savings for her own daughters but still decided to do it for her. “Alam kong never mong ginalaw ang savings for your kids. Kaya sobrang touch. I didn’t expect anything from you,” she added.

Image by Ruffa Gutierrez via Instagram

Annabelle continued how Ruffa has a kind heart and does not hold grudges, unlike her.

“But anyway nag mana ka rin sa daddy mo malambot ang puso at hindi nagtatanim ng galit kaya ka siniswerte. Hindi katulad ko sinusumpa ang kaaway,” she said.

Meanwhile, on her own Twitter account, Ruffa is mum on the story shared by her mother. But part of her birthday message for herself is how the quarantine “has made me realize I already have everything I could wish for and more.”

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