Vico Sotto continues to remember her late Yaya Emy on her birthday

  • Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto remembered his late Yaya who took care of him and his family for decades
  • He said his Yaya Emelinda “Emy” Flores started as their househelp and later on became a part of the family
  • Mayor Vico greeted his beloved yaya a happy birthday

Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto may be very busy these days but he didn’t pass up the chance to remember her late Yaya Emy on her birthday.

Image by Vico Sotto via Instagram Story

Mayor Vico continues to pay tribute to the beloved househelp Yaya Emelinda “Emy” Flores on what was supposed to be her 61st birthday. On his Instagram Story, Mayor Vico posted a photo of her Yaya emy carrying him in her arms while they are in Hong Kong. He greeted her; saying, “Happy Birthday.”

The photo is linked to his post back in 2016, when Mayor Vico wrote a touching tribute thanking Yaya Emy for how she loved and took care of him while growing up. He said Yaya Emy started out as their househelp until she became part of the family.

According to Mayor Vico, her Yaya Emy was his “messenger, bodyguard, personal assistant, resident comedian, all-around repairman, kargador with rock hard muscles (seriously), with a tender heart.”

Image by Vico Sotto via Instagram

He continued that while Yaya Emy didn’t show much emotion, she was a pillar they all leaned on. “She quietly celebrated with us in all our triumphs but was equally there in our moments of despair,” Mayor Vico described her.

And even though he grew up, his Yaya Emy continued to look after him. She made sure he woke up on time and that “the back of my shirt was tucked in for every important occasion.”

“A superhuman who pushed through the fatigue, illness, and pain; Always going above and beyond the call of duty,” he said.

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