Solenn Heussaff’s Father’s Day video message makes husband Nico emotional

  • Celebrity couple Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico are first time time parents
  • Solenn gave extra effort for her dear husband, Nico, on his first Father’s Day
  • Nico turns emotional while watching the video prepared by his wife for him

The couple, Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico, are both known for their funny pranks to each other. The way they play like kids really entertain the fans. Those who used to see their videos showing how cool they are as a couple is like the famous lines of young generation nowadays, “sana all.”

Most of the time they fill the air with laughter, and it is as if there are no dull moments with each other’s company. But since it is Nico’s first time to celebrate his fatherhood on Father’s day, Solenn made an extra effort for her dear husband, Nico.

Image via Instagram | Solenn Heussaff

During the Father’s day celebration on June 21, 2020, Nico, while holding their baby, watched a heart melting video that Solenn personally made for her dear husband. The video showed a flashback of Nico’s childhood up to the time that he finally became a father to their lovely daughter.

Image via Instagram | Solenn Heussaff

Along with Solenn’s post of Nico getting emotional while watching the video, she also captioned a message for her husband saying,

No matter how strong you are for me, I know how soft your heart can be. I hope you enjoyed this 10 min recap that shows how awesome you are and that we are thankful to have you. Happy 1st Father’s day my love!!!! Te ammmmmmmooooo @nicobolzico.”

What a lovely message from a wife to her husband.

Being a father is more than being a provider. Being a father is a combination of time, effort and love. Giving all the material things that the family needs do not spell out being a father. A father is someone whom you can hang out with, someone who will not just tell you the story of how beautiful the world is, but instead he will show it to you. Being a father means being selfless, sharing love, and being the man to wipe the tears of his precious child, and not the one who will cause loneliness.

Hats off to all Dads out there. You are real life super heroes.