Sofia Andres reveals she is now a mom to an adorable baby girl

  • Sofia Andres revealed she is now a mother to a baby girl
  • She shared a photo of her with her boyfriend Daniel Miranda and daughter Zoe
  • The actress said now that she’s a mom, something changed within her and looks forward to a life with their little princess

Sofia Andres gave everyone a pleasant surprise on Father’s Day when she announced that she’s now a mother.

Image by Sofia Andres via Instagram

The “Bagani” star who shied away from the showbiz limelight announced on her Instagram that she’s a happy first time mom. She posted a family photo of her, her partner boyfriend, Daniel Miranda, and their adorable daughter Zoe.

Sofia began her post by greeting her “first love,” her dad. She wrote, “And since today is a special day for the fathers, I just want to take the chance to celebrate my first love, my dad who has been with me through ups and downs. Thank you Daddy for the generosity and the love.”

She went on to greet her boyfriend Daniel and thanked him for their new blessing, their daughter.

“I also want to celebrate my greatest love, Daniel. I’m so grateful that I have you by my side because you have brought so much color and adventure into my world. Not only that, you (sic) also been part in giving me my greatest happiness—our little angel,” Sofia wrote.

Image by Sofia Andres via Instagram

In the end, Sofia said she already feels complete “because I have my dad who always has my back, my love who loves me for who I am and now my little bundle of joy, whom I will love unconditionally and who will be my source of strength during these trying times.”

In a separate post, Sofia also shared a short video clip of her pregnancy journey. She said now that she’s a mom, she felt something change within her. She called Baby Zoe her “princess, our sunshine.

In yet another IG post, she welcomed their baby to the Christian world. “Your true home, The Christian world welcomes you, my love.”

She also thanked all the people who’ve become a part of their intimately wonderful celebration as seen in the Nice Print video she shared.

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