Filipino musician creates virtual Kulintang app

  • Richard Aaron Tanfelix was able to create the Virtual Kulintang app
  • It is now available on Google Play Store
  • He was able to develop it during the pandemic

While the pandemic has uncovered various weaknesses of the society it has also revealed many kept talents and abilities among people stuck in their homes due to the quarantine.

Image by Richard Aaron Tanfelix via Facebook

The pandemic has led a Filipino musician to invent a mobile application of virtual Kulintang for music enthusiasts to enjoy while they can’t physically access the instrument during these times.

Richard Aaron Tanfelix of San Sebastion College – Recoletos recently announced that he was able to develop an application for smartphones that allows user to play Kulintang virtually. The app is called “Virtual Kulintang” and as of present, it can already be downloaded on Google Play Store.

“Good news! Virtual Kulintang is now available in Google Play Store! It is now in version 1.0. I will be adding more instruments in the future development of the app as well! The app is completely free,” Tanfelix said on Facebook.

On June 12, Tanfelix was able to publish the app, which is believed to be the first of its kind, on Google Play Store.

Image via Google Play Store

“Virtual Kulintang is an app I developed during this pandemic. I tried to get in touch with my IT side again by learning something new to me which is Android Programming. It is a simple app much like a piano app,” Tanfelix shared.

He further shared he learned from a friend that there is not a single Kulintang app available on Google Play Store.

“It gave me an idea what better time to do it than now. Instruments are left at school, the Kulintang instrument is quite expensive as well so I created something that will at least provide the students or teachers a way to play their instruments even if it is just virtual,” Tanfelix said.

According to him, his friends helped him in developing, designing, and tuning the app.