Edu Manzano proud of his son for his anti-Duterte rally in New York City

  • Edu Manzano supported his son Enzo’s solo rally in New York City
  • The actor said he is a “proud father”
  • Enzo stood outside the United Nations HQ for three hours holding anti-Duterte signages

Edu Manzano couldn’t help but praise his son Enzo after he held a solo rally alone in the United States to air his protest against the Duterte administration.

Image by Enzo Manzano via Facebook

On Twitter, the actor replied to Erin Tanada’s comment on Enzo’s protest saying that he’s proud of his son’s activism. Earlier, Tanada tagged Edu and tweeted, “Laban Enzo! @realedumanzano must be proud!”

Edu replied and said, “Proud father here!”

Another praised Enzo; saying, “Wow! Really impressive! Sadly, not many youths nowadays really take the time to know the real facts! Jusmio, kung ano lang sinabi ng idol nila yun na yun. Kaya very important talaga participation natin as parents to guide them in.”

Edu also didn’t hesitate to respond and said, “I can’t agree w/ you more. We mustn’t allow our kids to hesitate in life. Kapag na tama dapat full steam ahead.”

Another netizen quipped that Enzo’s opinion does not always reflect his father’s and that Enzo’s opinion might change as he gets older.

Image by Edu Manzano via Instagram

Edu replied, “Thanks for the kind words. I’ve always said that biases and opinions will be shaped and re-shaped over time. I’m just happy my son has a voice.”

Enzo had earlier stood for three hours outside the United Nations Headquarters holding signages that read, ““DUTERTE & THE PHILIPPINE GOV’T ARE TAKING AWAY MY PEOPLE’S BASIC RIGHTS! FILIPINOS CAN’T PROTEST… so I hope the WORLD can see us instead!”

“Sucks to hear that my fellow Filipinos can’t protest back home.. I hope my lone protest can make up for that. At least a little bit,” Enzo also said on Facebook.

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