Alex Gonzaga shares why she almost got banned from their graduation march

  • Alex Gonzaga shared she almost got banned from attending their high school graduation march
  • The reason was because she always made fun of her Filipino teacher
  • She got summoned just three days before graduation whereby she was finally allowed

Alex Gonzaga shared the reason why she almost missed her high school graduation march.

Image by Alex Gonzaga via Instagram

Along with her message to graduates of 2020, Alex also shared a memorable experience she had back when she was in high school. On Instagram, the vlogger-actress posted a photo of herself holding her high school diploma on stage. She said she almost got banned from attending the graduation rites.

Alex wrote, “Dear Class of 2020, this was my high school graduation 16 years ago. Isa ako sa ‘mythical 5’ kung saan nagkaroon ng debate ang mga teachers and sisters for a month kung kami ay papayagan mag march sa graduation,” she recalled. “Ang reason [sa ‘kin] lagi ko daw kasi inaasar ang Filipino teacher namin during class.”

She continued that while her batchmates practiced for the graduation, she was among those left in the classroom for a month as their fate was still being decided upon. During that time, she said she didn’t waste time in proving herself worthy to march on stage. She and the others volunteered to help out their teachers in every way they can.

Image by Alex Gonzaga via Instagram

“Sa 1 month deliberation nila while my batchmates were practicing for our grad, we were left in the classroom. But super nag-volunteer kami na mag-help and assist sa lahat ng teachers,” she said.

Thankfully, three days before the graduation day, she and the others were summoned and were allowed to attend.

May her experience, she said, prove to others that it’s never too late to show why you deserve to march on stage. “It’s never too late to show you deserve to march in your graduation. May chance ka pa ipasa lahat ng kulang mo para makuha diploma, kaya mo yan!!”