‘This was a miracle’: Assunta De Rossi announces she’s expecting a baby

  • Assunta De Rossi took to social media to announce that she is now on her 14th week of pregnancy
  • She said it was a “miracle” as she conceived despite having myoma and endometriosis
  • Assunta was happy to announce her ‘miracle’ after 16 years of her married life with Jules Ledesma

Assunta De Rossi-Ledesma took to social media to announce that she is now on her 14th week of pregnancy.

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On Instagram, the veteran actress shared what she has gone through in the past few weeks and even prior to learning about having her “miracle baby.”

“Wide awake. This has been my life even before quarantine started— just being in bed all day, feeling horrible,” the first part of the caption reads.

“And before anyone asks why I look like I’m on my way to the afterlife, allow me to list down all the symptoms I’ve had to endure this past two months,” she added.

She said she experienced a lot of symptoms and decided to see her ob-gynecologist whom she had not visited for more than three years.

“An ultrasound scan and blood test confirmed later that day that I was about five weeks pregnant. I know, shocking!” the 37-year-old actress wrote.

She said it was a “miracle baby” as she was able to naturally conceive despite the fact that she has myoma and endometriosis.

“Only medical intervention or a miracle can make it happen. This was a miracle! Anyway, what scares me now is I’m already on my 14th week, and I haven’t gained an ounce of weight,” she said.

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Assunta revealed her ‘miracle’after spending 16 years of her married life with Jules Ledesma.

She has received a lot of congratulatory messages from her friends, fans, and social media followers following her announcement on Instagram.

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