A very welcome surprise: Marcelito Pomoy builds new house in four days for an elderly woman

  • Marcelito Pomoy built a house for an elderly woman who has resided in a dilapidated house for ten years
  • Nanay Aurora Verano from the Quezon province got emotional after seeing the one-storey house that Marcelito built for her
  • The popular singer built the new house within four days

Marcelito Pomoy surprised an elderly woman with a new home after seeing her in a dilapidated house which serves as her home.

Image capture of video by Marcelito Pomor via Youtube

On Marcelito’s vlog via his YouTube channel, the singer shared the story of Nanay Auro Verano, an elderly woman living in the Quezon province. After seeing Nanay Aurora in a makeshift house, Marcelito decided to build a new house for her.

In just four days, Marcelito constructed a humble house for Nanay Aurora.

On the first day, they put the small house down and started laying down the foundation for a new one. On the second day, the walls and roofs were installed. They decided to paint the house in bright red.

After the humble house was painted, Marceltio didn’t stop with his surprise and even filled the house with furniture, such as a bed, tables and chair. They also brought cooking pots and utensils for the kitchen area. On the fourth and final day, Marcelito and his team gave a few finishing touches to the house.

Image capture of video by Marcelito Pomor via Youtube

As expected, Nanay Aurora was so emotional when she was given the unexpected surprise. She thanked Marcelito and his team for the blessing.

Aiza Hernandez, the woman who first posted about Nanay Aurora’s situation on Facebook, was also there for the surprise. She was the one who shared Nanay Aurora’s story after she felt sorry seeing the elderly’s dilapidated house where she had stayed for ten years already.

Before saying goodbye, Marcelito also handed out relief goods to the neighbors.

You can watch the video from Marcelito Pomoy’s YouTube channel:

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