Schooling during lockdown: Danica Sotto-Pingris conducts school works, lecture for daughter at home

  • Danica Sotto-Pingris keeps her kids Caela and Mic active with various learning activities, including academics during lockdown
  • It is a family affair for them as her husband Marc and son Mic recently help in the “class discussions”
  • She recently shared on Instagram that she has been home schooling her kids during the quarantine

Learning does not stop, at least inside the Pingris household.

Image by Danica Sotto-Pingris via Instagram

The quarantine did not stop Danica Sotto-Pingris from keeping her daughter Caela and son Mic active with various learning activities, including discussing a science lesson which has become a family affair.

Danica bared on Instagram that she has been homeschooling both of her children and on May 5, she shared their class discussion where she got the participation of the whole family, including her husband Marc.

“Our daughter Caela is a kinesthetic and auditory learner. She enjoys hands-on activities, crafts, stories, songs and experiments. She cannot be sitting for two hours straight. You’ll see that she loses interest if puro worksheets and lecture for hours,” Danica said on her Instagram post.

Image by Danica Sotto-Pingris via Instagram

“What I love about homeschooling is being able to adjust to my kids’ learning styles. It also gives us the freedom to make the lessons more fun through different kinds of activities,” she added.

Danica shared on Instagram last May 5 a photo of Marc and son Mic, whom she called as volunteers in Caela’s lecture. Marc, known as the Pinoy Sakuragi , and their first-born Mic hold models of the globe and the sun as Danica discusses the lesson for Caela.

“So thankful to my gracious volunteers for being so kind and helping me teach Caela about the Earth’s revolution and rotation. Good job Daddy and Kuya Mic! Parang nag-enjoy naman din kayo. Now, it’s time to shave Marc and give Kuya Mic a haircut! Game na?” Danica said before sharing on another Instagram post the haircut and shaving session that took place after their “Science class.”