Pinay caregiver gifted with a house by Michael Bublé as part of grandpa’s last wish

  • A Filipina caregiver was gifted with a newly renovated house in Vancouver by Michael Bublé 
  • Caregiver Minette took care of Michael’s grandfather for eight years
  • The singer said Minette was his grandpa’s best friend and is a huge part of their family

Michael Steven Bublé is a well-known Canadian singer, songwriter, actor and record producer. Well, do you know that he has given his grandfather’s Filipina caregiver a house as a gift?

Image by HGTV via Instagram

As part of his grandfather’s last wish, Michael surprised Minette, the Filipina caregiver, with a newly renovated house. Minette took care of Michael’s grandfather for eight years in Vancouver.

Michael appeared with Minette in an episode of the HGTV show “Celebrity IOU,” where Hollywood stars give back to people who have made an impact on their lives. Michael said he is aware that the Filipina sends her earnings to her family in the Philippines.

Michael said, “Minette doesn’t keep any of the money that she makes. She’s got a lot of family in the Philippines and she takes that money and she sends it all back.”

The singer shared how Minette has become his grandpa’s best friend and has become a part of their family. Michael said he knows gifting her with a house would mean a lot to her.

Image by HGTV via Instagram

“Minette is this really compassionate, kind, empathetic human being. She became family almost instantly. I can only imagine what it’s going to mean to her,” he said.

“I think my grandpa would be thrilled knowing that maybe we could lessen the burden a little bit, allowing Minette to continue helping her family without it being so hard on her,” he also said.

When it was time for the surprise, Minette was emotional as she received the newly-renovated house. She thought of Michael’s grandpa and said, “Grandpa, thank you so much!”

Michael said it was his grandfather’s wish for Minette to keep his house because he loved her so much.

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