No hand mixer? No worries! “Necessity is the mother of invention”

  • When a need arises, people will surely think of all the possible ways to meet that need
  • This is what a girl in a viral video did in the absence of having a hand mixer to do the meringue
  • She used the desk fan replacing the blades with a whisk, and voila, instant hand mixer

Creativity and resourcefulness is a gift given to people for free. When a need arises, people will surely think of all the possible ways to solve that challenge..

In a video uploaded by Nguyen Linh of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, instead of using a hand mixer, the girl in the video used an electric fan; replacing the blades with a whisk. The idea of using the desk fan in the the absence of hand mixer while in the middle of doing a meringue was captioned with, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention.’

Image via Freepik

The video went viral and has reached more than 24K shares with more than one million views. It also received thousands of reactions and comments expressing how the creativity shown in the video inspired them. Many commended their creativity and wanted to copy what they did. Others said that the video they watched made them laugh, while one of those who has watched the video sent her own version of improvised hand mixer using a hand drill in  mixing the batter.

Image via Facebook| Nguyen Linh

Indeed, when there is an urgency to do something, that’s when the power of the mind comes to the rescue. Same things happened when technology started to advance to the next level. Those who invented the tools that people are enjoying nowadays experienced the need to do something to have a more convenient living.

This simple idea only reflects how people can always find ways to resolve problems. This is the reason why life is getting better and better –because of the nonstop opportunities for people to learn, invent, and reinvent things.  Connecting this to the current situation that the world is facing right now, surely, an invention will soon end the scare amid the pandemic.