Nico Bolzico sets aside prank, greets Solenn via tear-jerking tribute on Mother’s Day

  • Nico Bolzico greeted Solenn on her first-ever Mother’s Day through a heartwarming tribute video
  • He prepared the video and showed it to Solenn first thing in the morning of the Mother’s Day celebration
  • He also wrote a message in their daughter’s point of view

Hilarious pranks have been set aside inside the Heussaff-Bolzico household during the Mother’s Day celebration. Instead, a tear-jerking moment took place to start the big day for first-time mother’s day celebrant Solenn.

Image Capture of a Video by Nico Bolzico via Instagram

Sitting on a couch while holding her daughter Thylane, Solenn could not hold back her tears as she watched a video presentation that documented her journey towards motherhood.

Her husband Nico obviously prepared the tribute video which he coupled with a heartwarming message as if it was written by their daughter.

“Thylane prepared a video for mama’s day this morning and she started crying so we were a bit confused, but at the end we think she liked!” Nico wrote on Instagram on May 10.

Then he went on to pen a supposed message by Thylane to Solenn. “Today is your special day, but to me, every day is special with you. You gave me my life, but that is nothing in comparison with the love and caring I received from you every day.”

Image by Nico Bolzico via Instagram

“Thanks for being the best mama in the world and for always taking care of ElPadre (Nico) and me. We love you so much. Happy First Mother’s Day!”the massage ended but an afterthought quickly followed, which is more likely of Nico’s “Don’t worry I won’t entertain suitors till I am 20 years old.”

Nico then left a short yet sweet message to all mothers out there, “Happy mothers day to all the brave mamas of the Philippines! Without them, we are literally nothing.”

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