National artist F. Sionil José shares why Filipinos do not need ABS-CBN

  • National Artist Francisco Sionil Jose explained why Filipinos do not need ABS-CBN
  • Jose narrated an experience when Eugenio Lopez used media to lampoon a decent politician
  • He said sign-off of ABS-CBN is even good for democracy

Francisco Sionil Jose, a recipient of the prestigious National Artist for Literature prize, shared a lengthy explanation on Facebook why Filipinos do not need ABS-CBN.

Image by F Sionil Jose via Facebook

Jose said the Lopez family, owner of the TV station, is a leading member of the oligarchy that is far more powerful that any of the oligarchs then and now. And as member of the sugar bloc, they had massive political and economic influence.

He said, “God knows what billions the family got from government financing institutions to become a haven for communist fronts and communists, among them the late Renato Constantino.”

The national artist recalled confronting Manila Chronicle columnist Celso Cabrera for publicly criticizing former Senator Helena Benitez though everybody knows the latter is a decent politician, well-loved and respected.

Celso told him Eugenio Lopez, the newspaper’s publisher, ordered him to do it. The columnist explained he was a nobody, not even a good writer, from Tarlac but was given a job, a house and a car by Lopez so he “gave his balls” to him.

Jose, however, praised Eugenio Lopez’s fondness of Filipino art; the reason why many writers and cultural workers are grateful to him.

Image by Ramon Orlina via Facebook

“I sympathize with the hundreds who will lose their jobs but I’ll not mourn the passing of ABS-CBN; its demise, I dare say, is even good for Philippine democracy if it also means the dismantling of the Lopez empire,” part of his post reads.

He said ABS-CBN does not produce goods or foods, and has certainly entertained millions but did not diminish poverty; adding that the freedom worked for the rich and not for the Filipinos.

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