Nadine Lustre posts low-key birthday greeting for ex-beau James Reid sparking hopes of getting back together

  • Nadine Lustre posted on Instagram last May 11 a photo of her and James Reid to greet her former partner on his birthday
  • This came despite them not being in a relationship
  • Instantly, the post became a trending topic on Twitter among Jadine fans

Jadine fans had all the reasons to celebrate when Nadine Lustre posted a picture of her and former beau James Reid on his birthday.

Image by Nadine Lustre via Instagram

The Kapamilya actress posted on Instagram last May 11 a photo of her and Reid which was probably taken during one of their hikes in Benguet to greet her former partner on his birthday.

It was actually a low-key greeting as Lustre did not write any message for Reid but a single emoji of a seedling. She even chose a photo of them with their backs on the camera; sitting next to each other while appreciating the view of mountain ranges in front of them.

The low-key greeting, however, was enough to send good vibes and “kilig” to all their friends and fans that their loveteam “JaDine” was the top trending topic on Twitter that day.

Image by Nadine Lustre via Instagram

Many fans even speculated that it was Lustre’s way of saying that she and Reid are ready to start anew after breaking up early this year. Most of them interpreted that the seedling emoji on Lustre’s post means “a new beginning.”

“Jadine’s relationship is an example that sometimes we need to start fresh. We are left in the dark in order for us to grow better. Seeds are planted underground because they grow better in the dark. And once they start to grow they slowly make their way to those bright sunny days,” a fan posted on Twitter.

The couple confirmed their breakup in January “after quiet and mature conversations.” They said they decided to focus on themselves not only in their careers but more for their personal growth.