Meralco, other power distributors ordered to issue new electricity bills

  • The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) ordered Meralco and other power distributors to issue a new electricity billing
  • The ERC asked power distributors to issue new electricity bills to reflect actual meter readings
  • Meralco earlier said they used average power consumption to compute bills after ECQ suspended their meter readings

Meralco and other power distributors were ordered by The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) to issue new electricity bill after consumers complained of a huge spike in their bills.

Image by Meralco

The ERC instructed power distributors to issue new electricity bills to reflect actual meter readings. Their statement said ordered distribution utilities “to conduct actual meter readings and thereafter issue a new billing reflecting the actual consumption and the corresponding amount due, not later than 8 June 2020, except when actual reading is not possible due to the implementation of community quarantine.”

This came after Meralco admitted that since electric meter reading could not be done due to the ECQ in March and April, customers were billed based on their average consumption.

Meralco spokesperson Joe Zaldarriaga earlier explained that the electricity bill for May may be significantly higher compared to those from the past months since the March and April bills were estimated based on the average daily consumption from December 2019, January 2020, and February 2020.

Image by iMoney

Meralco said they will comply with the ERC’s order to issue a new billing for their consumers. “We will comply with the ERC order and will operationalize it bearing in mind and ensuring that our customers will understand their bill,” Zaldarriaga said.

“We will support the implementation using various information materials and platforms to make it easy to understand. Rest assured that we only have our customers’ satisfaction and interest in mind as we implement this order,” he added.