Kim Chiu airs sentiment over ABS-CBN shutdown: Bakit ninyo tatanggalan ng pangarap ang isang tao?

  • Actress Kim Chiu aired her sentiments over ABS-CBN shutdown;saying it closed the doors for aspirants
  • Why did you have to take away ordinary people’s dreams and hope, she lamented during the launch of ‘Laban Kapamilya’ campaign
  • She also said that her story with ABS-CBN is a testament that other people can also make their dreams come true as long as companies like ABS-CBN can give them a chance 

Winning the reality show Pinoy Big Brother in 2006 paved the way for a young Kim Chiu to turn her dreams into reality, dreams she held on to so she could help her family get by.

Image by Kim Chiu via Instagram

Many years later, she has already top billed numerous movies and TV shows. She is now a successful actress. Thanks to the company who opened many doors for her to get to where she is now.

But on May 5, the very corporation which made all her aspirations in her teenage years possible went off air due to a cease and desist order from the National Telecommunications Commission. Now, she said, it’s time for her to give back and be the one to help the giant network.

“Ito lang ang kaya kong i-sukli sa kanila, sa panahon ngayon,” Chiu said as she spoke before many Filipinos virtually to air her grievances over ABS-CBN’s forced shutdown.

“Bakit n’yo tatanggalan ng pangarap at pag-asa ang isang tao?Bakit ninyo tatanggalan ang tao na, ‘Gusto kong sumali sa ganito dahil kapag nanalo ako ay maipagamot ko iyong lola ko’,” Chiu lamented as she fought her tears.

Image by Kim Chiu via Instagram

With the giant television network’s shutdown, Chiu emphasized that the shutdown had closed the doors for individuals, who share the same dreams like her.

“Nangarap lang ako na gusto ko balang araw ay makita ko ang sarili ko sa telebisyon, na gusto ko lang balang araw ay maiahon ko iyong pamilya ko sa hirap. So nilagyan ko ng pangarap iyong sarili ko, na dahil sa istasyon na iyon ay posibleng matutulungan ko ang pamilya ko –may posibilidad na makakaalis kami sa maliit na kuwarto, na maiaahon ko sila,” an emotional Chiu went on.

“Kung nagawa ko, magagawa din iyon ng ibang tao, sa tulong ng ABS-CBN,” she added, before appealing to NTC to hear them out and let the network operate again.

Chiu was among the many ABS-CBN stars and employees who aired their opinion and sentiments through a Facebook live stream to launch the “Laban Kapamilya” campaign; urging fans of ABS-CBN to post pictures of them online with their fists over their heart as a symbol of support.