Duterte says his ‘very good’ mother’s discipline helped turn him to become President

  • President Rodrigo Duterte attributed his achievement to his mother Soledad
  • He recalled how his “very good mother’s” discipline made him who he is today
  • The President had earlier honored the mothers of frontliners who works with the government’s efforts against coronavirus

President Rodrigo Duterte attributed his political position to his “very good mother.”

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Holding the highest political seat in the country, Duterte said he reached it because of his mother’s discipline. Just in time for Mother’s Day, the President remembered his own mother Soledad; describing her as “very good.”

During Duterte’s public address and meeting with Cabinet members on the updates of the country’s efforts against coronavirus, he recalled how his mother disciplined him while growing up.

Duterte said, “I remember my mother Soledad. Well, she was a very good mother to me. Look what happened: Naging Presidente tuloy ako. Nawala ‘yung disiplina sa akin. My God, kung paluhurin ako nun sa altar.”

The President even said in jest how his mother might be talking with his father Vicente as they look at his achievements. Duterte shared how his mother might have said to his late father, ” “Anong nagawa natin sa anak natin itong g*gong itong Rodrigo. Bakit..”

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Duterte went to share how his feisty mother Soledad led the yellow movement in Davao during the Martial Law. She also worked hard to push for the rights of the indigenous peoples. The President said these are just some of the things he looked up to his mother when he became a Mayor of Davao City.

Duterte had earlier honored the mothers of frontliners who are working with the government against the spread of coronavirus.

“’Yung mga nanay na nawalan ng anak fighting COVID-19 doing the highest, the noble endeavor that one can do in this world is to serve your fellowmen, you have our kind thoughts and prayers,” he said.

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