Childhood helicopter: Reminiscing good ol’ days before the Internet

  • Children before were happy playing simple games
  • A netizen recalled a toy helicopter he used to play
  • The toy was made out of cans of milk, a stick and wires

We would almost always see children nowadays constantly tapping the screen of mobile gadgets playing virtual games, and most have forgotten some of the great games children play years ago.

Image by Dren Lianko Gacos via Facebook

Filipinos born before mobile devices took over the attention of children, and even prior to arrival of “Made in China” plastic toys, would recall happy memories playing with neighbors in the streets or at a friend’s house with their simple and humble toys.

Netizens couldn’t help but reminisce memories of the good ol’ days after Facebook user Dren Lianko Gacos shared something familiar on the group Pilipinas Noon.

He posted a photograph of a toy helicopter made out of tin cans of condensed milk, a stick and some wiring.

It was a toy personally created by parents for their children out of love and that each child would love to sport walking around with, as its spinner rotates due to the friction caused by rolling the other can with the surface.

One Facebook user shared that it is one of her favorite toy when she was a child. And when she no longer enjoyed the toy, she made a hole in the can and make it into a piggy bank.

Another said he had already forgotten how to make one but praised the creativity and talent of children before.

Further comment said, “Hindi ako basta makagawa n’yan kasi madalang kami makabili ng gatas. ‘Pag sa kalakal naman ako naghanap, ubos na kasi lagi akong nauunahan ng mga kababata ko.”

Image by Go Yong via Facebook

Looking back, people were happy despite having no internet connection and life was much simpler.

Can’t we take some time and do this with our kids, instead of letting them continue tapping screens? Hopefully, they could experience the same.

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