9-year-old boy with COVID-19 in Cebu seen kneeling down in prayer, touches hearts

  • A boy from Cebu who was tested COVID-19 positive was seen kneeling down in prayer
  • Every night, Gabriel (not his real name) prays with his cousin for strength and healing 
  • His mother shared how much they pray that Gabriel will be healed so he can go home

A 9-year-old boy who was tested positive for COVID-19 was seen emotional as he prayed to be healed.

Image by GMA

In the episode of “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho,” a boy from Cebu, Gabriel (not his real name), has been in the isolation center after he was diagnosed to be COVID-19 positive.

Along with hundreds of other patients, the young boy tried to hold on to his faith as he knelt down to pray. While Gabriel texts and calls his family often, his mother said she misses her son very much.

Gabriel’s mom shared with GMA, “Sobrang sakit, ni hindi mo man siya mayakap, hindi mo siya mahalikan, hindi mo siya makatabi dahil malayo siya.”

It came to a point that his father wished that he got the virus instead of his son. Gabriel’s father said, “Mas okay pa na sa akin na lang dumapo ang sakit kaysa sa aking anak ang makaranas kasi ang bata pa niya,” his father said.

The youngest of four children, only Gabriel tested positive in his family. His father is unemployed while his mother sells “lugaw”.

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Gabriel said he prays with his cousin via video call every night before they go to sleep. He believes the Lord doesn’t make Himself seen but continues to protect him from the virus.

Gabriel said, “Hindi Siya nagpapakita. Babantayan lang Niya ako kung may virus. ‘Yung aming pagsamba aalis ang demonyo at ang virus. Siya ang aking lakas.”

As the young boy continues to fight COVID-19, Gabriel shared his prayer, saying, “Panginoong Hesukristo, gagaling ako rito para makalabas ako.”

Let us pray with him.

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