Pope to government: To stop coronavirus, put country first before politics

  • Pope Francis reminded government officials to pray and be guided away from corruption
  • He said to stop the COVID-19 pandemic, it is best for government officials to work together instead of focusing on political agenda
  • The Pope also thanked the frontliners working hard to stop the spread of coronavirus

Pope Francis reminded governments to put aside political issues in order to deal with the coronavirus crisis in a united way.

Image Capture of Video by Vatican News via Youtube

During the Pope’s private morning Mass that has been transmitted live on television, he urged government officials all over the world to consider working together instead of focusing on politics. He also thanked all those working hard in the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said, “Today, let us pray for government leaders, scientists and politicians who are beginning to study a way out of the pandemic, though its “aftermath” has already begun. May they find the right way, always for the good of their people.”

The Pope added that in these difficult times, it is best for government officials to seek the betterment of its people than for their political agenda.

“We pray for the political parties of various countries, so that in this time of pandemic, they together seek the good of the country and not the good of their own party,” he said.

Image Capture of Video by Vatican News via Youtube

Pope Francis also talked about how people shouldn’t succumb to corruption and to always pray to stay away from the temptations.

The Pope’s message also reiterated how praying would also guide officials to choose the people instead of money.

“The Holy Father concluded praying that the Lord help us in our personal life and social life, to always choose the good of the people, without ever falling into the tomb of the god of money,” he said.

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Vatican News, GMA