No new Covid-19 case in Baguio in more than a week

  • Baguio posts no new Covid-19 case in more than a week
  • Baguio Mayor Benjamin Magalong said their success is due to their good cooperation with the local government, national agencies and private sector
  • They also implemented “out of the box” solutions early before health advisories were released

Baguio Mayor Benjamin Magalong announced that they are on their way in maintaining the “flattening of the curve” as they posted no new COVID-19 case in more than a week.

Image by Benjie Magalong via Facebook

Mayor Magalong proudly shared how Baguio is now on its 9th day with no new record of COVID-19 case. He said they are looking forward to finally containing the COVID-19.

Mayor Magalong was quoted by PNA saying, “If this trend keeps in the coming days then the city can claim to have truly flattened the curve or reined in the insidious disease.”

“Until then, we should continue holding the line by sustaining our vigilance and not lapsing into complacency,” he added.

Aside from the cooperation of Baguio’s over 400,000 residents, Magalong said the key to the success of their anti-Covid campaign is the strong working link between the city government, national line agencies led by the Department of Health Cordillera and the Inter-Agency Task Force and the private sector.

Mayor Magalong also noted their “out-of-the-box” initiatives which were sometimes way ahead from the announcement of health advisories.

Image by Baguio PIO via Facebook

Among these is the early imposition of the requirements on the wearing of face masks, declaration of cases and contact tracing ahead of confirmation of positive cases and the patients’ identity disclosure that facilitated early detection and prevented transmission.

City health officer Dr. Rowena Galpo also boasted how their community quarantine has worked out well.

She said, “Seemingly our enhanced community quarantine is effective. We have good contact tracing, so no transmissions as far as of today.”

Source :

PNA, Facebook